Causes of Infertility

The probability of pregnancy in a woman under 30 is 20-25% per menstrual cycle

For a woman aged 35 and over, it is 15%

After the 40th year of life, a woman drops a chance to get pregnant spontaneously under 5%

Infertility is a physiological phenomenon for women in terms of age and ovarian capacity. For men, the age limit is unstable and individual. Infertility is always the diagnosis of a couple. Fertility disorders are present in about 12% of married couples in fertile age. Infertility is considered if the couple fails to conceive a child during regular intercourse within 12 months. For women aged 35 and over, we consider fertility disorders after 6 months of unsuccessful attempts.

According to statistics, about 30% of couples are experiencing a fertility disorder in a woman. About 30% of couples are diagnosed with a disorder in a man. Fertility impairment in both partners is diagnosed in 15-30% of pairs. No malfunction is found in 10-15% of couples-we speak of infertility without a known cause.

On the basis of public health insurance, they pay a maximum of three cycles of assisted reproduction – artificial insemination to women up to the age of 39 when they are the following causes of infertility (Annex No. 2, Part V, to Government Decision No 777/2004 Z . from.):

  • Missing oviducts or irreversible damage to oviducts diagnosed laparoscopically or laparotomically, except for conditions resulting from previous sterilization or artificial abortion.
  • Endometriosis Women who are laparoscopically or laparotomically diagnosed.
  • Irreversible Ovarian Damage which is confirmed by biochemistry, laparoscopic or laparotomic, unless this is due to artificial interruption of pregnancy.
  • idiopathic sterility which is unsuccessfully treated for one year in a specialized medical facility.
  • Male sterility factor – azoospermia, astenospermia, ejaculatory dysfunctions, and chemotherapy-related or post-traumatic conditions that are confirmed by an andrology.
  • Immunological Causes sterility that is laboratory-tested.
  • Inheritance risk, as a result of which spouses can not have a healthy progeny verified by the geneticist.
  • Endocrine Causes sterility verified by endocrinologist.

Treatment of infertility by any method in the Slovak Republic can only be provided to a partner couple.